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Blue Wonder



AU 18 EASLEY 8985


South African bloodline


Blue bar




Ken Easley

Breeding AVAilability:


Select for Breeding

LaQu Lofts is giving you the option to choose your selection of parents to produce custom birds just for you! So how does it work? First, take a look at our birds that are currently available for breeding as indicated with “yes” or “no” under “breeding availability.” Once you know the pairing, you would like, hit the select for breeding button, fill out the form with contact information and the parents you would like to breed from. After submitting the form, we will contact you with information, pricing and answer any questions you may have.

Sire is Rene 5th prize SAMDPR 2017. Dam is Dino 7th prize final race 3,644 b. 5th Ace 5800 b. Portugal’s Golden Algarve. Sire to 18th & 33rd place Sooner Challenge 200 mile 2020, two of only 39 birds to return. Sire to E1st prize 100 miles Sooner Challange 2020. 

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