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“Health, Quality, Performance”

LaQu Lofts is built on sincere passion and is driven by the pure enjoyment of pigeon racing and breeding.  LaQu Lofts was started in 2020 by Joseph LaQuiere of eastern Michigan as a humble hobby, but soon it became much more!


Joseph's great grandfather immigrated from Belgium in 1918 and in 1925 he became a member of the local pigeon club, flying birds into the 1980s. Unfortunately, Joseph never knew his great grandfather, but apparently pigeon racing was in the genes! Birds were always a part of Joseph’s life, but it was in 2019 he purchased his first six homing pigeons. 

As a result of this purchase, Joseph met his soon to be mentor, and most influential "pigeon friend”, Ken Easley of Ken Easley and Son Racing Pigeons. After their first conversation it became apparent that the two were “birds of a feather” and Ken would help facilitate the acquisition of birds from some of the most prestigious pedigrees.  It was at that point Joseph knew that he wanted to raise high-quality, high-performance birds that any pigeon racer would be proud of.  Since then, LaQu Lofts has grown tremendously and now has birds from some of the most recognizable bloodlines in the world, including “Porsche 911”, relatives of the SAMDPR race winners, as well as the offspring of “Konbird” (the Ken Easley foundation cock) and more.


About me

Joseph LaQuiere

I am relatively new to this sport in comparison to some fanciers. Despite my relatively short time in the sport, I have established advanced practices, abide by common sense, and continue to learn! My great grandfather immigrated from Belgium when he was 12 and raced pigeons here in the states. I never knew him, but he was my inspiration for getting involved in pigeons. I strive for only the best results. A guideline I follow is health, quality, and performance because I believe that healthy, high-quality birds give rise to birds that perform well!  I started in 2020 with my first pair of breeders from Ken Easley and Son Racing Pigeons, and it’s only grown since! Over the past years, I have learned a tremendous amount about pigeon racing and have acquired incredible world-class pigeons. I have been featured in the New York Times magazine, Racing Pigeon Digest, and in early November 2021, at the AU national convention, I was asked by the AU Board of Directors to become the AU Youth Ambassador. I can’t wait to see what life brings next!

LaQu Lofts

is dedicated to providing others with the opportunity to gain high-quality racing pigeons with exclusive pairings of one’s choice. Our motto is "Health, Quality, and Performance'' because we believe that a passion and instinct for premium care gives rise to top notch birds that produce results! Please feel free to browse our website and please contact us with any questions you may have!

Interested in flying pigeons? Take a look at the American Racing Pigeon Union at or feel free to contact us at or by calling us at

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